“When Turmeric Goes Meow: How a Woman’s Fungal Infection Treatment Turned Her Cat Yellow”

Turmeric is a popular remedy for skin infections and is notoriously difficult to remove from surfaces. Supama accidentally stained her white cat’s fur with turmeric while trying to treat a skin infection. The cat turned yellow, resembling Pikachu from the Pokémon series. Supama shared her mistake online, which went viral and received both positive and negative reactions. Although turmeric has benefits in reducing itching and preventing cats from licking wounds, it should only be used under veterinary supervision. Supama hopes that the color will fade after three months, and her cat’s fur will return to its original shade. It is always recommended to consult a vet if your pet experiences any health issues.

Unfortunately, this feline companion suffered from a fungal infection.

This poor cat had a fungal infection

This feline suffered from a fungal ailment.

The owner of the pet decided to use a turmeric scrub as a remedy for the problem.

The pet’s owner used a turmeric scrub to treat the condition.

Regrettably, the use of turmeric scrub resulted in a change of color to her fur. However, it appeared to have effectively achieved the desired result.

Regrettably, the application of the turmeric scrub resulted in a change of hue on her fur. Nevertheless, it appeared to have had a positive effect.

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