“Traveling in Style: The Italian Greyhound’s Latest Fashion Trends that Turn Heads”

Meet Tika the Iggy, the four-legged fashion icon! This Italian greyhound has become quite popular for her trendy outfits, which are not just for looks but also for practicality. Living in chilly Montreal, Canada, Tika is often seen sporting fake fur, winter jackets, rompers, and tracksuits to keep herself warm and protected from the cold weather. She’s proof that fashion and function can go paw-in-paw!


Tika’s folks adore dressing her up in trendy outfits that not only look chic but also keep her cozy in chilly weather. The little pup looks absolutely stunning in any attire she dons, and her collection of handbags complements them perfectly.


Tika’s fashion sense is simply incredible and has garnered attention from top-notch fashion entities such as Vogue and prominent news outlets worldwide. As a professional model, Tika earns a decent income through her photo shoots.


Unlike others, Tika is driven by her passion for the LGBTQ community rather than financial gain. As a staunch defender, Tika utilizes her media presence to promote and raise awareness about the community. Though she is a supermodel, Tika’s parents instilled in her the belief that her diva demeanor is authentic, leading her to think of herself as a princess.



Tika has quickly become a sensation thanks to her viral video on both TikTok and Instagram, racking up millions of views in no time. Her social media fanbase has skyrocketed and she’s now considered a top dog fashion influencer.


Tika effortlessly strikes poses in front of the camera, showcasing her skills as a professional in the industry. She has gained quite a following on social media, even from Hollywood celebrities who have tried to recreate her viral video. Some of these stars include Sofia Vergara from the popular TV show “Modern Family” and the talented actress Sharon Stone, among many others.


Tika has an effortlessly attractive style that is hard to resist. Her assortment of jackets and handbags is impressive, leaving everyone envious of her sophisticated wardrobe.


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