“Thirsty Pooch Gets Creative: Scours for Water with an Empty Bucket Amidst Begging for Help”

The citizens of Lima, Peru were heartbroken when they came across a homeless dog carrying an empty bucket in search of water on a scorching hot day. It was reported that the country had been going through a period of drought, which had forced many people to leave their homes in search of water. The drought had resulted in several fatalities and the situation for stray animals was even worse. It’s difficult to imagine the struggles they must have faced during this trying time.


Regrettably, the water resources in Lima have been depleted, leaving nothing for humans and animals. It is truly heart-wrenching to see this dog’s desperation as it turns to a bucket in hopes of catching someone’s attention and getting a sip of water.



In the footage below, a clever dog is shown trying to gather as much water as possible from a bucket. The canine seems to be planning ahead for when the water may not be readily available. One of the witnesses in the video attempts to take the bucket away, but the dog refuses to let go. You can see that the dog is putting up a fight, which is heart-wrenching.


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