The Illusionist: Chad Knight’s Astonishing Sculptures That Leave You in Awe

Chad Knight, a 41-year-old artist, has been making waves with his incredible 3D drawings. His unconventional approach to digital sculptures has captured the attention of people all over the internet. In an interview with Klassik Magazine, Chad revealed that he believes he was born to be a visual artist. He stated that creating art is more than just a job for him; it is a part of his identity. Chad’s mind is always buzzing with ideas, and creating modern art is one of the few things that allows him to express himself fully. Before he became a full-time artist, Chad was a professional skateboarder for 16 years. Skateboarding served as his creative outlet during that time. However, now that he no longer skateboards as much and is less keen on breaking bones, his visual art explorations have become his new outlet for creativity.

According to Knight, the desire to constantly better himself is a major driving force behind his creative process. He takes pleasure in both the journey and the destination. It is common for individuals to seek out symbolism in Knight’s surrealistic pieces, and they are correct in doing so. Knight confirms that everything within his artwork has a particular meaning or represents someone. Essentially, his art is comparable to a coded diary that he can share with the public.

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