“The Heartbreaking Tale of a Dog Abandoned on the Tracks: Uncovering the Dark Truth”

Philly Rescue Angels is a well-known organization that is dedicated to the rescue and care of abandoned dogs. Recently, one of their cases has garnered a lot of attention due to its extremely cruel and appalling nature.

The story starts with some foundation workers who stumbled upon a hurt and abandoned puppy on a Pennsylvania railroad during the night. At first glance, Lucky seemed to be hit by a train because he couldn’t move his back leg. However, after closer inspection, they discovered that the dog had been harmed by its previous owners. They believed that the owners abandoned Lucky to avoid getting caught for breaking his back and used the train as a cover-up. Sidara Son shared this heartbreaking story with NBC10.

Upon arriving at the site, they discovered a leash and a collar that was intentionally loosened, further fueling their suspicion of the deliberate harm inflicted on Lucky. The pup was quickly taken to a veterinary hospital, where he is currently receiving care for the extensive damage to his spinal cord. Despite undergoing surgery, it will only provide temporary relief as reconstructing his spine is no longer an option.

The puppy’s fate is uncertain due to its severe injuries including infected scrapes, damaged teeth, and potential spinal damage. Lucky’s medical expenses are estimated to be between $15,000 to $35,000, but the organization is hopeful that they can cover the costs through donations. Despite the challenges, they remain optimistic about Lucky’s recovery.

All of the rescuers have shown immense dedication in their efforts to save him. Despite a difficult struggle to survive, they remain determined to do everything in their power to help him. As Son put it, “He fought for his life, and we will continue to fight for him.”

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