The Brave Fighter: A Story of Overcoming Heartless Owners

Harold’s origins trace back to a nearby puppy mill, where canine mothers are kept in cramped confines, and litters of pups are churned out en masse to boost the business’s bottom line.

Animals that come from puppy mills are more susceptible to serious health issues like heart disease, kidney problems, blood diseases, deafness, and even lifelong paralysis due to excessive breeding. One such case is Harold, who was sold for $7,000 shortly after being born. His new owner was unaware of the puppy mill background but took care of him when he contracted an upper respiratory illness. Unfortunately, Harold lost the ability to use his back legs suddenly, caused by a spine curvature condition linked to overbreeding, similar to scoliosis, which resulted in complete numbness in his hindquarters.

Harold was handed over to Dallas DoggRRR by his recent owner, and the organization took swift action by taking him to the animal hospital for urgent care.

Harold spent two days in the hospital and found it difficult to keep food down. Medical professionals discovered ulcers, a constriction in his intestines, adhesions in his abdomen, swollen lymph nodes, elevated liver levels, and stomach acid pooling in his stomach and throat during an urgent investigative surgery.

For quite some time, this young lad has resided with Dallas DogRRR and now serves as our official rescue symbol and social media representative.

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