“The Adorable Puppy Bus of Alaska: A Social Media Sensation”

Who needs to walk when you can roll in style? Mo Mountain Mutts, an Alaskan dog-walking and training business, has come up with the perfect solution – the “puppy bus.” The innovative husband and wife team of Lee and Mo Thompson have added a creative and practical twist to their dog pickup service by utilizing a customized bus for transportation. This bus is anything but ordinary. It comes equipped with safety harnesses that are specially designed for dogs, providing a safe and secure ride for all the cute canine passengers. To ensure maximum comfort, each dog is assigned a seat based on their age, personality, and behavior.




Mo Mountain Mutts prioritizes the well-being of dogs during their outdoor activities. In hot weather, they prefer locations with water access to ensure that the dogs stay hydrated. They also avoid steep inclines in icy conditions and steer clear of blind corners and tight spots when dealing with a big group of dogs. Flat terrain is preferred when puppies are part of the group. Mo ensures that all dogs undergo trail training and temperament assessments before being allowed to roam off-leash to promote good behavior. The company not only prioritizes obedience and safety but also values fun and encourages dogs to be themselves.


According to Mo, she initially posted pictures of the dogs as “class photos” on social media for their owners to view. Since then, the puppy bus has gained significant popularity, and people can’t seem to get enough of the adorable canine passengers. Their charming and humorous personalities have made them a sensation on social media platforms. One of their TikTok videos has even reached over 50 million views.


The video showcases how the puppy bus conveniently picks up the dogs from their homes and they confidently board the bus, taking their designated seats. The adorable sight of dogs boarding their school bus is a must-watch. What adds to the entertainment is how Mo and Lee use the public address system of the bus to announce their furry clients as they climb aboard. In addition to this service, Mo Mountain Mutts also offers various other services such as obedience training, socialization sessions, and individual walks, both online and in-person. It’s truly a dream come true for the couple who consider themselves fortunate to be doing what they love for a living. Don’t miss out on the endearing footage of these dogs as they board the puppy bus by clicking the link below.

Alaska has a unique mode of transportation, and it’s not just for humans. The state has a special bus dedicated to picking up puppies! This heartwarming initiative was started by the Alaska Railroad, in collaboration with the Humane Society. The bus travels along the rail line and stops at various locations to pick up abandoned or stray puppies. These furry passengers are then taken to animal shelters, where they can be adopted by loving families. Not only is this bus helping save the lives of innocent animals, but it’s also promoting responsible pet ownership. What a wonderful way to give these adorable puppies a second chance at finding a forever home!

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