Spectacular Fairy Sculptures Made Of Wire By Robin Wight


Robin Wight, a talented photographer based in the U.K., creates enchanting fairy sculptures out of stainless steel wires. Each seems animated and vivacious, as if it would leap away and vanish at any second with a vivacious chuckle.

Each fairy is based on a thick and crude skeleton that is gradually wrapped with finer and finer wires, giving them muscle mass and, finally, “skin.”

At the core of each fairy is a pebble that Wight leaves there as a signature of his work. Some of the stones also have engraved messages on them. Wight also creates giant dandelions that seem to disintegrate in the wind, despite their being made of steel.

Wight’s sculptures range in size from small, delicate fairies perched on flower stems to life-sized figures that seem to dance and play in the wind.

Each fairy is meticulously crafted, with delicate wings, flowing hair, and intricate details that capture the essence of these mythical creatures.


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