Scaling New Heights: Exploring the World of Vertical Rock Climbing Experts

Have you ever looked at a goat and wished to be one? I know I didn’t until I stumbled upon photos of mountain goats climbing rocks like it’s no big deal. These goats are not your average goats; they are super goats! These pictures of them climbing nearly vertical terrain with their unique hooves are mind-blowing. If you’re not rethinking everything you thought you knew about goats after seeing these images, then we’re not on the same page (which happens to be full of goats). The pictures were uploaded by Jornal Ciencia on Facebook last month, and with over 70,000 shares, it’s safe to say that they have gone viral. Mountain goats are found in many regions throughout North America, and their specialized hooves help them climb with ease. Even if you consider yourself a skilled rock climber, these goats are undoubtedly better than you (and they don’t even use safety ropes).

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