Record-Breaking Twin Brothers Squash Giant Weighing as Much as a Ford Fiesta with 1.14 Tons of Force

The Paton twins have accomplished an amazing feat by breaking the previous record for growing the largest pumpkin in the UK. Their massive pumpkin weighed as much as a Ford Fiesta and was 189 times heavier than the average pumpkin. The brothers, Stuart and Ian Paton, aged 57, achieved this remarkable feat by watering the pumpkin with an astounding 100 gallons of water every day. According to Ian, the pumpkin grew about 60lbs in just one day at its peak.

Stuart and Ian Paton, a pair of 57-year-old twin brothers, have broken the previous record for cultivating the largest pumpkin in Britain. The pumpkin they grew is also featured in the pictures.

On Saturday, the Autumn Pumpkin Festival in Royal Victoria Country Park in Hants witnessed the smashing of a record by two brothers. The announcement of their victory was made during the Jubilee Sailing Trust Autumn Pumpkin Festival and Scarecrow Avenue held in the same park later that day. The winning pumpkin had an impressive circumference of around 20ft and boasted a stem as thick as that of a heavyweight boxer’s forearm. These brothers, hailing from Lymington, are no strangers to growing giant pumpkins and have managed to grow five pumpkins weighing over 2,000lbs in the past four decades.

The identical twin brothers are currently competing for the world record. According to Mr. Paton, the achievement is incredible, as it is the second-largest pumpkin worldwide. He added that they still have some room for improvements next year, and he believes that they will break the world record. Even if it’s not in 2019, they won’t give up until they achieve their goal.

According to a passionate pumpkin farmer, the key to growing enormous pumpkins lies in the quality of the seeds. He stated that they cross-breed the best pumpkins annually to ensure that next year’s seeds are top-notch. Furthermore, the soil used must be light and fluffy, which is precisely what their nursery in Lymington provides. Additionally, it requires a substantial amount of water. The colossal pumpkin is set to be showcased at London’s Old Covent Garden in anticipation of Halloween. At the recent pumpkin festival, Sam Hochstetler and Zachary Geyelin came in second and third place, respectively, with weights of 1080.3 pounds and 1059.4 pounds. The current world record for the most massive pumpkin is held by Mathias Willemijns of Belgium, who grew a 187.5 stone (2624 lbs) pumpkin in 2016.

The photo shows two brothers hugging each other in excitement. They have just broken the British world record for growing the largest pumpkin at the Autumn Pumpkin Festival.

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