“Miracle Happens as Dog Finds Forever Home After 2,381 Days of Waiting in Shelter”

Introducing Higgins, an older German shepherd who has called the Humane Society of Preble County his home for a majority of his life. Despite being overlooked by potential adopters, the shelter staff has never given up on him. They’ve kept him in their care because Higgins has shown an unwavering determination to find a forever family.

Higgins, a German shepherd, was brought to the shelter when he was just a puppy and was adopted quickly. Unfortunately, his first home was not ideal, and he ended up returning to the shelter. Now a senior dog, Higgins has spent most of his life at the Humane Society of Preble County, as no one has shown interest in adopting him. Despite this, Higgins has never lost hope of finding a forever home, and the shelter staff has continued to care for him, refusing to give up on him.

When Higgins was still a puppy, he was taken to the shelter and immediately adopted. Unfortunately, his first home was not a happy one, so he returned to the shelter in 2012. According to Renner, the shelter worker, Higgins was just a dog chained up to a dog house. Despite hoping for a loving family, Higgins remained in the shelter for years, and people assumed he was sick because of his long stay there. Additionally, his face always looked worried in his kennel, making him less approachable to potential adopters. After 2,381 days in the shelter, Higgins finally found his forever home when Brendon Reed, 22, saw his photo online and learned about his story. Reed fell in love with Higgins immediately and knew that he was the only dog for him. Reed described Higgins as a beautiful, adorable dog, and he couldn’t believe that Higgins had not been adopted earlier.

Renner was surprised when Reed walked into the shelter and exclaimed, “I’m here to take Higgins home.” After spending six and a half years at the shelter, Higgins finally found a loving father who provides him with a secure environment every day. He can now enjoy his time lounging on a comfortable couch, watching TV, and playing in his own backyard, basking in the sun.

We are thrilled to hear that Higgins has found his forever home with Reed. Let’s celebrate this joyous occasion together! For more updates on Higgins’ new life, follow him on Snapchat at @higginsdoggo.

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