“Massive Gems Unearthed by Vietnamese Farmers: A Treasure Trove of Colossal Discoveries”

When these fruits are fully developed, they can be quite heavy, sometimes reaching several tens of kilograms. As a result, it is necessary to secure them using a rope or a hammock for added support.

Vietnamese individuals are quite familiar with gourds, however, the weight of these vegetables is a cause for concern as they require a rope and hammock to prevent them from falling and causing injury.

Mr. Tran Cong Vinh, hailing from Ben Cau in Tay Ninh, is the proud owner of a gourd garden that bears massive fruits.

The gourd is not only pleasing to the eyes with its lovely shape, but it also boasts of a delectable and sugary taste. In feng shui, it’s believed that they signify longevity and have positive connotations.

When these gourds are fully grown, they usually weigh around 10-15 kilograms. As a precautionary measure, people hang a hammock on the truss to sit on it so that they do not fall down.

Once the gourd is collected, it can be emptied out to create various household items like table lamps, night lights, wine bottles, and more.

The price of each item varies from 150,000 VND to 700,000 VND depending on its size.

Mr. Vinh’s gourd trees are only capable of producing 3-4 fruits each, primarily because of the significant nutrients required to grow the fruit to its size.

Mr. Huynh Tai also has a notorious gourd garden in Can Tho, alongside Mr. Vinh’s.

Mr. Tai managed to grow a gourd that is elongated in shape and has a weight of over 30 kilograms.

Mr. Tai had to come up with a clever solution to support the oversized gourds in addition to securing them with a sturdy rope to the truss frame. He placed several chairs strategically to ensure the gourds would remain stable.

Cultivating this type of gourd is a breeze – simply wait for three months until the fruit is ripe for picking.

The oversized gourd, which is commonly used to prepare soup, remains scrumptious and remarkably sweet.

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