Kind-Hearted Store Owner Provides Cozy Haven for Homeless Canines in Cold Climate

In Istanbul, a snowstorm hit the city, and as the temperature dropped, the caring residents didn’t forget about the abandoned animals. They showed great compassion and kindness by welcoming stray cats and dogs into their stores. These animals looked exhausted and cold, but thanks to the shop owners’ generosity, they could rest in a warm and secure place. All the pets were grateful for this act of kindness that came at the right time.

Arzu Inan, the Penti shop manager, showed kindness to stray dogs by letting them seek shelter in the store while customers were around. She illustrated in a Facebook post that genuine affection brings warmth and comfort. Meanwhile, Selçuk Bayal, an animal lover, also demonstrated his compassion by providing sanctuary to twelve homeless cats in his café, even if it could potentially affect his business.

The Atrium Mall has not only provided help to its animals, but also caring customers have extended their support. Ali Celik, a customer of the mall, stumbled upon a group of stray animals outside the mall, where three people were generously providing them with cardboard and blankets to keep them cozy. Witnessing people come together to assist these cute creatures is truly heartwarming.

The dogs were provided with food as well. Celik, in an interview with The Dodo, expressed appreciation for the anonymous helpers who assisted without seeking recognition. He stated that their goal was to assist the animals rather than publicize their aid. Thanks to the contributions of kind-hearted individuals, many cold and tired animals received the rest they needed from the harsh weather.

The kind actions of these store proprietors and clients, who generously opened their doors to help those in need, undoubtedly made a significant impact in saving lives. It’s encouraging to think that their altruistic actions could inspire others to follow their lead.

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