Heartbroken and Terrified Pooch Rescued from Neglectful Owner’s Clutches

Simply the mention of a sad and lonely dog can make our hearts ache with sympathy. However, 9-year-old Bobi has a heart-wrenching story of wandering the streets after being abandoned by his owner. It is crucial to acknowledge such tales as there are numerous rescue shelters filled with animals who have experienced similar misfortunes. The silver lining is that we can all be heroes in their stories. Bobi was discovered wandering near the railroad tracks, a gentle yet afraid old dog. Rescuing him was risky as it could put the rescuer’s life in danger. Hence, the team had to patiently wait and hope that Bobi would come closer without any harm.

It’s unfair that after being a loyal pet for so long, he ended up living this kind of life. However, the rescuers are unique individuals who refused to give up on him. They attempted to relocate him to a place with fewer tracks, but Bobi would always flee whenever they got too near.

Is there a more effective method to persuade a dog that you’re probably trustworthy?

Examining the harm
It was uncertain how much time the older canine had been wandering around unattended, prompting the need for a veterinary visit. However, before taking any action, they decided to build a bond with him and allowed him a moment to familiarize himself with them. Consequently, Bobi took his time to sniff around and form his own judgment about the situation.

Having been a loyal companion for years, dogs are familiar with the feeling of affection. Eventually, Bobi warmed up to his rescuers and allowed them to caress him gently, receiving scratches behind his ears and pets on his head.

After scanning for a microchip, the veterinarian and everyone present felt elated at the prospect of notifying the dog’s owner that their furry friend had been located. However, it turned out that a reunion was not in the cards. Bobi was discovered to be his name, and it was revealed that he had run away. Impressively, he had traveled quite far, about 10 miles from his place of origin. Regrettably, the owner refused to take him back and requested that the rescue shelter keep him instead.

We don’t know why Bobi decided to run away from his previous owner or why they refused to take him back, but we do know that he was a healthy 39lbs. He had received all his vaccinations and was neutered. It’s clear that he had been well taken care of by someone at some point because he was incredibly friendly despite his initial distrust towards humans. However, Bobi was old and not in the best health. He had lost vision in his left eye, most likely because of an injury that left a scar. Luckily, his right eye was still functioning properly.

After being rescued and taken care of by the Romanian shelter, Bobi’s adoption was made open to the world with the hope that someone would give him a loving home. During his stay at the shelter, he blossomed into a happy and playful dog, and the rescue team wanted to share his progress with potential adopters from around the globe.

The delightful pictures of the dog won over all those who laid eyes on them. However, adopting the furry friend from another country posed a challenge.

The screenshot from Howl Of A Dog’s YouTube channel shows a heartwarming story about Bobi, a furry friend who found his forever home in the US just a month after his video was posted in January 2018. It’s delightful to see him playing and having fun with his two new siblings in their Delaware home, where he looks very content.

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