Heartbreaking Story of a Shelter Dog Abandoned by Her Family After 7 Years

When a pack of dogs arrived at The Little Guild in West Cornwall, Connecticut from the overpopulated Habersham County Animal Shelter in Georgia, one dog stood out from the rest. Jodi caught the attention of the shelter staff and they soon found out that she was special to everyone at the Georgia shelter too. According to Kelsey Turick, a staffer at The Little Guild, the volunteers and workers from Habersham were emotionally attached to Jodi and were upset when they learned she was going to be rehomed.

After spending seven years with her family, Jodi was sadly surrendered to a shelter in Georgia. The staff at The Little Guild could see that she was overwhelmed and frightened, not sure of what was happening or where her family had gone. According to Turick, one of the staff members, she was “terrified when she initially arrived and simply wanted to go home”. However, Jodi has since settled in more comfortably at the shelter and has formed close bonds with employees and volunteers. She’s learned to trust her new friends and let her personality shine through, endearing herself to everyone around her. Jodi is a wonderful dog who enjoys the company of children, cats, and dogs, as well as going for walks, car rides, or just relaxing on the couch. If you’re interested in adopting her, visit littleguild.org for more information and to fill out an adoption application.

According to Turick, the lady in question has an amazing demeanor and loves being in the company of others. While she enjoys playing catch outdoors, she also relishes snuggling up with a blanket. Despite her old age, she remains lively and looks forward to her daily walks. Overall, Turick describes her as a fantastic person who holds significant value in their hearts.

It’s really surprising that Jodi hasn’t found a forever home yet, given how adaptable she is. She gets along great with other pets and kids, and her top priority is spending time with those she loves. However, it’s good news that some people have shown interest in adopting her and there’s a family waiting to meet her. Hopefully, she’ll find the perfect home soon!

Jodi’s real kin must be out there, and her pals from Connecticut and Georgia are eagerly anticipating their reunion.

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