From Timid and Frightened to Fearless: How Love Transformed a Starving Wolfdog


Castiel was a helpless creature, without a name to call his own, a home to reside in, or a family to belong to. He wandered aimlessly through the streets of Los Angeles, much like a stray dog. It was impossible to tell if he had once been someone’s beloved pet, but it was evident that he had been living all by himself for quite some time. Consequently, he was severely undernourished, suffering from parasitic infestations, and had lost a significant amount of fur due to mange.

Meet Castiel, a young pooch who appeared to be an ordinary canine at first glance. But upon closer inspection, it was revealed that he was actually a crossbreed between a wolf and a domestic dog. Unfortunately, the shelter where he was taken couldn’t accommodate his needs and was considering euthanasia as an option. However, a group of rescuers stepped in to find a sanctuary that could provide a home for this unique hybrid.

Thankfully, Castiel was saved by the WOLF Sanctuary, an organization dedicated to rescuing and caring for wolves and wolfdogs.

Once Castiel received the necessary medical care, he was transferred to a hospital located off the main site. He was advised to stay there until he fully recovered and was fit enough to make the journey to the refuge.

Upon Castiel’s arrival at the hospital, the staff quickly took note of his great timidity and anxiety towards his unfamiliar surroundings. He tended to retreat into the shadows, making a concerted effort to avoid any and all interactions with those around him.

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