From Lost and Scared in the Woods to a Transformed Beloved Companion: A Tale of Patience and Love


Hooch, a poor dog, was discovered near the Mexican border after being abandoned by the roadside with other injured dogs, who were left to perish in a dumpster. His hind end had been hit so hard that it broke both of his hind legs, and he appeared like a twisted candy bar when rescued. In deep agony, hungry, and terrified, he concealed himself in the bushes for days before being moved to another state. Despite the discomfort caused by stress and hookworms, he was grateful for a bout of bloody bowel movements. With one leg severed at the femur and the other broken at the joint, this brave dog had to “walk” on his two front legs only.

Hoch has been gone for 10 days now and he has managed to wander quite far. He has been trekking through the woods all by himself, with no company or support. His legs have been severely injured and he has been struggling to move around. To make matters worse, he has developed a fear of humans and does not want to be touched by them. Despite all these obstacles, Hoch has been trying his best to survive and keep going.

The Rescue Dogs Rock NYC team put in a lot of effort to bring him back and help him regain his trust. Despite having undergone surgery, he has made significant progress in his recovery process. It’s hard to believe that it’s the same puppy who was unapproachable for three weeks as he has made remarkable strides in just a month.

I am extremely thankful to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for taking a chance on him when few others would. We may never know the hardships he faced at such a young age, but it warms my heart to see him now embrace affection and understand that he is secure.

Hooch has a plethora of fears that he is gradually conquering. Although it was a challenging process, his compassionate foster mother put in a lot of effort to persuade Hooch that facing his fears would lead to immense happiness. Thanks to her hard work, Hooch is now enjoying the positive outcome of overcoming his anxieties.

Wow, he’s finally achieved his independence! Life can be so great sometimes, right? Hooch learned through playtime, proving just how much patience and love can accomplish.

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