Father and Son Form a Dynamic Duo in Caring for Stray Animals with Passion

It’s always heartwarming to see animal rescue videos and photos that showcase kind strangers who give shelter and love to abandoned animals. However, not everyone is willing to take on such a noble task. This story takes place in the Philippines and centers around a father who noticed that his 9-year-old son Ken Amante would disappear from their home every day with a backpack full of food. Concerned about his son’s whereabouts, the father decided to follow him and was surprised to see that Ken secretly cared for abandoned animals. Although he was proud of his son’s kind heart and capabilities, he also realized the difficult situation his son was in.

Out of curiosity, Ken’s dad decided to tag along with his son.

Once, Ken’s dad decided to secretly observe his son’s daily activities. To his amazement, he discovered that Ken had a noble and compassionate purpose. Ken spent his days feeding stray dogs in the locality, exhibiting great affection and kindness towards these vulnerable animals. Despite their unfavorable circumstances, Ken opted to assist them to the best of his ability, leaving his father awestruck at his son’s altruistic nature.

As Ken took a leisurely walk in the area, he spotted a cluster of skinny and weak stray dogs making their way towards him. These furry creatures, who had previously held a natural aversion towards people, had grown to depend on Ken deeply. He recollected his initial interaction with them, where he had to keep a safe distance of 50 meters from the pack as they were cautious of approaching the food near him. However, it seemed like they had become comfortable in his presence now.

The stray dogs in the area appear to be unowned and may carry harmful germs and illnesses. Ken and his father took precautions to protect themselves by getting vaccinated and being extra cautious when interacting with these dogs. Additionally, Ken’s dad went above and beyond by renting a plot of land to assist in the situation.

As they spent more time with the stray dogs, three of them became regulars and were given the names “Brownie”, “Blackie”, and “White”. It was clear that Blackie was the mother of the other two pups and despite her illness, she remained dedicated to caring for them. To assist the dogs, a shelter was built and a team of volunteers was established to provide them with the support they needed.

With an intense love for the welfare of animals that are often neglected by society, Ken and his dad founded a volunteer organization called the “Happy Animals Club.” Their mission is to extend help to stray animals in their area. The club was officially launched on March 31, 2014, and has since received an overwhelming amount of support from the community. With its growing momentum, the Happy Animals Club has achieved numerous successes in its efforts to care for homeless animals.

A bunch of animal lovers came up with a brilliant idea to create a shelter that could cater to distressed animals in need of constant care. Ken’s dad took the lead by renting out a nearby space that was open to all critters in need. He ensured the area was secure and free from any harm to protect the animals. Ken was thrilled as he hugged a happy-go-lucky “White” in his arms.

“Blackie” seems to be doing great and contented after receiving ample care and attention.

After Ken and Brownie met, Ken observed a remarkable enhancement in Brownie’s behavior. This demonstrates that age doesn’t matter when it comes to making a beneficial impact; one can always bring a positive change. It’s never too late or too early to start a constructive transformation.

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