Expectant Mother Seeks Nourishment from Kind Passersby Near Due Date


Despite feeling weighed down by her hunger, Cherry persists in her efforts to scavenge for food from door to door in the nearby village. Unfortunately, she’s met with little success as many people not only refuse to give her any sustenance but also shoo her away. As a result, Cherry is often forced to resort to consuming decayed scraps from the garbage. This lovable dog is actually homeless and has nobody to turn to for assistance. To make matters worse, she’s currently pregnant and about to deliver her litter of pups.

With a bulging belly, she sets out to knock on doors around the village hoping to find something to eat. Unfortunately, her efforts prove futile as she is turned away by everyone, with some even shooing her off.

According to the kind-hearted man, he noticed that the woman frequently scavenges through garbage bins for spoiled food. But when she saw him carrying some dry food today, she hurriedly approached him. It seems like she was famished as she begged him for sustenance.

I’m excited for this opportunity to take her to the vet and ensure she gets the care she needs.

The medical practitioner confirmed that the expectant mother is on the verge of delivering her babies. It is anticipated that the delivery will happen in less than a day from now, and as per the X-ray results, there are eight little ones inside. It would be much appreciated if you could keep them in your thoughts and send positive vibes their way.

The following day, she delivered a litter of eight adorable puppies, and thankfully, all of them are healthy. However, this affectionate mother is still cautious around people, and she is willing to use her teeth to protect her offspring.

After a span of five days, they finally arrived at their shared abode. On the 30th day, Cherry and her litter of eight pups have shown significant growth. In just a week, the eight little ones are scheduled for their vaccination.

Adorable little pups are frolicking around, enjoying themselves to the fullest. One can only imagine how different their lives would have been had it not been for the intervention of the compassionate gentleman.

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