“Embracing Uniqueness: The Heartwarming Journey of a Special Dog and the Love it Inspires Globally”

Get ready to be smitten…
It’s been some time since we first introduced you to Quasimodo, but we couldn’t resist updating you on his current status.

This unique and lovable canine is a rarity, with only 15 of his kind known to exist globally. However, his owner would argue that there’s no one quite like him. This endearing pup was born with short ridges, an uncommon condition. Despite this, his doting parent affectionately describes him as a “German cowgirl,” just perfectly pint-sized.

Quasi was initially placed in Kentucky as an unkempt canine, feeling fearful of human interaction and exhibiting shyness. However, upon encountering a benevolent individual by the name of Rachel, Quasi was able to reveal his true colors. Nowadays, he relishes in the joys of life, frolicking in the snow, engaging with his fellow furry friends, and pursuing the affections of female pups (earning him quite the reputation as a ladies’ man!).

Secondhand Hounds, a non-profit organization that rescues numerous animals, was conceptualized by his father. Quasimodo, who requires special care due to his physical limitations, receives all the necessary attention and support at the shelter. Despite eating his food without bending over, he is content and well-cared for and has gained popularity across the globe, including among us.

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