“Discover the Heartwarming Story of a Blind Dog and His Loyal Guide Companion in Search of a Loving Home”

Zac lost his sight at the age of ten, but his trusty companion Lilli came to his rescue, proving that dogs can be each other’s best friend. Despite being blind for five years now, Zac relies on his fellow Jack Russell terrier to lead him everywhere he goes. During their walks, Lilli stays close to Zac’s side, and when he feels tired or disorientated, she allows him to rest his head on her for comfort and support.

Zac and his guide dog Lilli are on the lookout for a new home. The two have been together since they were rescued as stray pups and when Zac lost his sight due to an eye infection, Lilli became his loyal companion and guide. Unfortunately, their owner has moved away and they need a new home. The Blue Cross charity in Tiverton, Devon is helping find them a home where they can stay together. According to Sarah Bussell from the charity, Zac and Lilli share an incredible bond and cannot be separated. They seem to have a unique understanding that is quite remarkable to witness.

Zac and Lilli are an inseparable duo, with Zac relying on his fellow terrier to be his guide dog. Unfortunately, Zac lost his eyesight due to an infection, but Lilli is always there to provide reassurance and physically guide him by nudging him in the right direction when he gets lost. She is patient and careful around him, knowing that he is different from other dogs. When off the leash, they live together in the re-homing section of the shelter, and they are very close. Although Zac has been in care before when his owner emigrated and couldn’t take him with her, Lilli is always there for him now.

Friendly guy: Zac enjoys being the center of attention.

Meet the dynamic duo of Blue Cross workers Carly Jarman and Rachel Sirdefield, along with their furry companions, Zac and Lilli, who are part of Team Terrier. According to the staff, these two pooches have an unbreakable bond and communicate with each other in a way that seems almost mystical- a telepathic understanding, if you will.

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