Compassionate Owner Helps His Senior Dog Float Regularly to Alleviate Discomfort

Do you recall stumbling upon a photograph a few years back? It features a gentleman with lengthy, silver strands of hair suspended in water, cradling a tired Shepherd cross in his arms with its head lying on the man’s chest. Well, let me divulge the backstory to that heartwarming image.

John Unger adopted Schoep as a puppy, and the duo had been inseparable ever since. However, due to Schoep’s advanced age of 19 years, he developed arthritis and hip dysplasia, making it challenging for him to move around comfortably. Consequently, Unger resorted to an unconventional method of pain relief – taking Schoep for a float.

Unger’s dear friend happened to capture the moment on camera, and the picture spread like wildfire across social media platforms.

The news of their heartwarming story spread like wildfire when their photo went viral. People from different corners of the world were moved by their bond and started contributing generously, which helped Unger explore different pain management techniques that gave him an additional year with his dear Schoep.

Despite Schoep’s absence, the love depicted in a single photograph can still be felt universally.

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