Amazing Encounter: A Photographer’s Shot of Vibrant Blue Butterflies on a Tree

During a leisurely walk through the forest, photographer Kelvin Hudson stumbled upon a magical sight straight out of a fairy tale. A group of gorgeous blue morpho butterflies had taken over a tree, with some of them hiding behind the trunk while others sat on nearby branches. Captivated by the surreal scene, Kelvin captured an incredible photograph that truly captures the beauty of these stunning creatures.

When taking pictures of blue morpho butterflies, it’s important to consider timing and location. These butterflies tend to be found on the ground or in lower shrubs and trees when they are fully grown.

These insects are known to conceal their vibrant hues by tucking their wings while roosting on trees. Their underwings, which are brown in color, serve as a shield against potential attackers such as other insects or birds. Kelvin must have been fortunate enough to catch them during a specific moment when they were basking in the sun’s warmth.

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