“A Touch of Kindness: Oliver’s Surprising Encounter with a Tearful Rescuer”

The poor dog had a bright red skin and almost no hair left on his body. He was covered in scratches and sores from scratching himself relentlessly for some relief. He was now locked up in a cage, visibly trembling with fear and disorientation. A compassionate passerby had discovered him wandering on the streets of Chicago and brought him to Chicago Animal Care and Control for assistance. No one knew exactly how long he had been out there, but it was evident that no one had taken care of him for quite some time. According to Stephanie Lee, a volunteer and foster with the shelter, the dog had the most severe case of mange she had ever seen. When she saw him in his cage, she couldn’t help but cry. The dog was shaking and licking his paws, and his body had several bleeding spots due to rawness and infection.


Lee reached out to Tanner Smith, an employee at the Knox County Humane Society, to rescue Oliver from the overcrowded city shelter and place him in a caring foster home. Smith immediately fell for the pup’s adorable looks and knew he needed their help since he appeared to be in a terrible state.



According to Lee, the poor dog they found wasn’t malnourished at all. It appeared that he had an owner who neglected his health when his skin started deteriorating. Instead of seeking veterinary care, they abandoned him when he failed to recover. Oliver was thoroughly examined by a veterinarian and was diagnosed with Demodex mange and secondary skin infections. Fortunately, Lee and her husband Johnny provided him with his own room in their home and welcomed him to stay with them on April 4th.


Lee mentioned that Oliver had trouble sleeping and would toss and turn all night due to discomfort. To alleviate this, Lee gave him daily baths using a medicated shampoo to clear up his skin, followed by the application of lotions and coconut oil to soothe his irritated skin. Despite the usual resistance from dogs during bath time, Oliver stayed calm and seemed to understand that Lee was trying to help him, which Lee found pretty amazing.



With each passing day, Oliver’s condition continued to improve significantly. He developed a keen interest in playing with toys and even accompanied Lee on runs. The prospect of socializing with other dogs and people also thrilled him. According to Lee, Oliver was nothing short of a playful pup who could be both affectionate and cuddly. After spending six weeks with his foster parents, Oliver is now free from mange and has regained his health entirely.


Lee and Smith can’t wait to find the ideal household for him to spend his time with. They are eagerly searching for the perfect family.


Upon witnessing Oliver’s unwavering determination to heal, the individuals involved eagerly anticipate his adoption into a caring and affectionate family. According to Smith, it seems as though Oliver is basking in the bliss of love for the first time and reciprocating that love towards everyone around him.

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