A Heartwarming Surprise: Shelter Throws Unforgettable Party for Senior Dog Without a Home

Introducing Loco, an elderly pooch with a lively character who recently marked a significant milestone. While birthdays at the animal shelter usually go unnoticed, the team over at the Spartanburg Humane Society made sure to make a fuss over Loco’s special day. The folks at Thepetneeds recognized that she deserved some extra love and attention. Angel C., the Chief Operating Officer of the society, organized a celebration in which the entire staff sang to Loco while she sported a cute birthday hat and frilly collar. To sweeten the occasion, Loco enjoyed a delicious potato-based cake and received a Happy Birthday banner from a local bakery for her office door.

Loco’s favorite people were in attendance, but unfortunately dogs weren’t allowed. Coxie expressed concern about Loco’s family, as she is very loyal to those she loves. However, she can be quite aggressive towards people she dislikes and prefers not to be around other dogs. Despite the lack of furry friends, everyone had a great time celebrating Loco’s fiery spirit that they’ve all grown to love over the past two years. Loco has become the public face of the facility after she was sent there in 2020 due to medical issues, and even has her own smoking sanctuary away from those she doesn’t want to be around. Cox explained they transferred her to a more comfortable workspace with three or four dog beds, which she rotates between for sleeping.

During her time at the shelter, Loco faced several health issues. According to Cox, when she arrived, Loco was suffering from heartworm, thyroid problems, and hip issues. Due to so many concerns, she wasn’t the ideal choice for adoption as she would require costly medical care. However, Loco has emerged as a resilient and courageous dog who receives regular vaccinations, tests negative for heart disease, and takes medication for her thyroid condition. Despite being older than most of the other shelter animals, she is in excellent health. Loco is not actively searching for a new home but has taken on a new role as an “office dog.”

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