A Dog’s Christmas Wish: Finding a Forever Home

Christina Hill, a representative of the Atlanta Humane Society, shared that Boss found a new home after a family visited the shelter, instantly felt a connection with him, and decided to adopt him. Sadly, at the age of nine, Boss was abandoned by his previous family because they could no longer provide him with proper care.

Earlier this year, Boss was left at the Atlanta Humane Society (AHS) and has been searching for a family for 281 days since his orphanage shut down. With the temperature dropping and days getting shorter, it’s evident from Boss’s behavior that he remembers what it was like to spend winter holidays with a family. Boss is a Staffordshire spaniel mix who was fortunate enough to spend some time in a foster home where he could showcase his sweet nature.

According to his foster mom Deborah Lareau, the name “Boss” suits him well as people respect and admire him for his dignified appearance. However, given his sweet nature, the name “Cupcake” may be more fitting. Fortunately, a generous donor has offered to cover Boss’s adoption fee to assist him in finding a loving home. The shelter staff is also hoping that a family will adopt this adorable dog before the holiday season.

According to The Dodo, Christina Hill, who is in charge of advertising, marketing, and communications at AHS, said that Boss would do well in a family without other pets because he loves belly rubs and playing in the yard. Although he is old, Boss still has plenty of love and fun to share, as stated by Lareau.

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