A Dog Hit by a Car Waited for Assistance and That’s How He Found a New Owner

Around 9:30 am on December 7, a dog was tragically struck by a car while walking along a busy road in England. When Hannah Moffit, a traffic cop, saw what had happened, she ran to aid him right away because she felt she had to preserve the life of the dog, which she eventually named Thor.

According to The Dodo, a guy stopped to comfort them and shield them from approaching vehicles while waiting for assistance. Hannah then raced up to him and sat cradling him on the road to stop him from hurting himself any further.

They all understood that it wouldn’t be simple, but they were prepared to support Thor through his recovery since they couldn’t give up because this dog still had a long life to live.

Finally, the man who was Thor’s father made the decision to hand him up to the rescuers. The veterinary team tried everything to rescue him, and they were successful.

He had surgery to treat the severe leg injuries he incurred; however, everything went according to plan, and he is currently recovering with the help of 8 Below Husky Rescue, of whom one of the hospital staff members is a volunteer.

Manager of 8 Below Husky Rescue Jade Brightmore stated:

“When he first came, he seemed confused and at peace, but as time passes, he is beginning to reveal his actual self. He is an extremely loving dog that enjoys nothing more than having his belly tickled.

Thor must take it easy for the next six weeks so his leg can heal properly, but keeping him occupied with games and toys has not been simple for the rescuers.

It was unexpected for this puppy’s rescuers to get an adoption request so quickly because he had not been listed as available for adoption on any social media platform. When they saw the request, they received an even greater and happier surprise. It belonged to the policeman who saved him after being struck by a car.

Jane stated:

She said that she fell in love with him the instant she embraced him.

Hannah will without a sure make the ideal mother for this puppy, despite the fact that he is not yet ready to leave the shelter.

“Once he’s recovered, he’ll have a thorough checkup, and if everything looks well, he’ll move in with the person who was there for him when he needed it most.”


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