A Cute Shelter Puppy Shows Off An Amazing Trick To Grab People’s Attention


Athena is a lovely little puppy that was rescued from the streets who uses an unique method to get attention. The six-year-old German shepherd dog holds her food plate and looks at passers-by with puppy eyes, causing everyone to fall in love with her.

Athena was first seen in September, when she was seen on her way to work in Texas by construction workers.

They gave the animal some water and food to earn his trust because he was in terrible health.

A beautiful trick is performed by a rescued dog.

They contacted the local Be Intentional animal rescue facility for assistance after giving her whatever attention they could.

The rescue center did not wait to respond to the call and went straight to the location where the abandoned animal was found to take care of the situation.

They took her to the veterinarian, who did a number of tests on her, one of which showed little hope for Athena.

Be Intentional CEO Christie Kasko told The Dodo:

‘He was infected with all of the parasites.’ He also has one of the most severe instances of sarcoptic mange that the veterinarian has ever seen.

Despite her problems, all she wanted was to hug and be loved, so she was a really nice character. She was a beautiful little puppy at the veterinary hospital, and the employees fell in love with her because of her kind and loving nature.

Athena learnt a technique to get what she wanted while healing in the shelter and obtaining the medical attention she needed for her ailments.

She learnt to hold her food dish every time one of her caretakers went by in order to receive plenty of affection and special treats.

This adorable move was followed by a sympathetic face, and no one could resist the gorgeous dog’s pleading; especially in light of all that had happened.

Christie stated, ”

“She gets a lot of food and a lot of attention. She has noticed, however, that holding her bowl with her lovely face attracts more hugs.

With the goal of finding a foster home for Athena, Be Intentional collaborated with Sauver Des Chiens German Shepherd Dog Rescue. They wanted the dog to be placed in a foster home so she could adjust to her new life and heal completely.

Athena was gradually recovering her confidence in others, and she was adjusting to her new life in a remarkable way.

Karen Blanchard, a volunteer with Sauver Des Chiens, said:

«She’ll be spoiled rotten. It comes with an orthopedic bed, an open cage, and plenty of bowls to go around.’

In her new foster home, Athena is having a fantastic time with her carers and is being trained so that she may find a permanent family.

Karen said, ”

“She will continue to heal and adjust to a new life and family. His life will never be the same again.

When you’re ready and the time is perfect, your care will make sure you get the loving family and permanent home you deserve.

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